Puzzle :: ANIMAL FRIENDS 24 pieces


The puzzle is inspired by the animal kingdom and depicts adorable animals such as lion, koala, bunny, butterfly, bird, and much more! This 24-piece puzzle of the «50/50 GAMES» series improves children's observation and memory skills. This product assists in the development of hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and fine motor skills. The toy is designed by specialized creators. All parts are made from a minimum of 70% recycled or sustainably sourced cardboard. Our products and their individual parts can be recycled to almost 100% of their materials. The pieces are contained in an original-shaped closed box with a handle and rivet, which illustrates a beautiful and colorful picture of adorable animals. Plus, the box can be used again!

Suggested Age: 3+

Puzzle dimensions: 60 Χ 43 cm /23.6 x 17.1 in.

Box dimensions: 26 X 28 X 8.6 cm

Product code: 505321