About us

Since 2017, our company 50/50 Games operates in Greece aiming to design, develop and create quality educational board games and toys. Our purpose to provide a range of new innovative products suitable for worldwide shipment originates from our years of experience working in the toy and board game trade, and from our costumers’ urge to constantly offer them the best possible outcome. Our people embrace the view that the fun and the joy of the games comes through creativity and education. That is why both parents and children always prefer smart toys!


The design of the games is accomplished by Greek contributors (game creators, illustrators, game writers and graphic designers) and the love, experience and specialized knowledge of our creators. Our motivation is to offer original games that educate the players in an easy and fun way. All images, drawings and materials are appropriately designed for children and comply with the suitability guidelines of the European Union and the USA.


The safety of children is one of the fundamental principles of our company, so all our games are thoroughly tested at all stages of their production. From the very first steps, from the conception of our products, we do comply with the current legal guidelines, the modern safety standards and following the applicable design standards. Before they become available to the public, our games pass Test Reports to obtain proof of compliance in EN71 standards for Europe and ASTM for the USA.

Ecological consciousness

The production of our toys is ecologically driven. Environmental sustainability is a corporate priority, so we use less plastic in our packaging and, to a large extent, paper and plastic parts are made from recycled or sustainably sourced material. Our products and their individual parts can be recycled to almost 100% of their materials

Corporate social responsibility

The company 50/50 Games and its human resources respect, support and strengthen social, cultural and cultural actors in the context of our activities.